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OK guys -- a tough one. An employee in my office is facing a claim denial for the theft of a 2000 Impala. The insurance company says that the 2000 Impala with Passlock couldn't be stolen without a key, and are accusing the employee of having the car stolen for the insurance proceeds. The car was stolen outside of a restaurant, and found several cities over burned to the ground. For proof, they have a report from an "expert" who found the lock cylinder in the ashes of the dashboard, and he says that the wafers and bar of the lock cylinder show no signs of damage, which he says means that the car could not have been driven without a key. At the same time, the report does state that the retaining ring for the lock cylinder was damaged, although he says it was "probably" due to the retrieval for inspection. Ignoring the fact that the car could have been towed, can a 2000 Impala with Passlock be hotwired and driven without actually busting the guts of the ignition lock cylinder? I believe my employee and think it's a ream-job.
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Technically, the lock cylnder would have to be busted in order to "drive" the car. The steering wheel would be locked otherwise.

Other than melted shielding, are the wires damaged??

Did the vehicle have a Remote Start??

Is there a broken window?? With glass to the inside of the car, not the outside, which is where it would be if the fire blew them out???
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I think that car had the ignition key on the dashboard, and no steering wheel lock. GM apparently decided its Passlock was so great (greater even than VATS, and we all know about that), that they did away with the column lock. My real question is whether that is BS, i.e., can it be hotwired? Can control of the computer be seized through the underdash communications port and can the car be started without the special coded key?
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Yeah I forgot about the cylinder on the dash instead of column, but doesn't the wheel still lock?

yes it can be hotwired.

Here is some posts from the guys who install security and remote starts all day.......
Quoted from another forum.........

whos to say te crook didn't get the VIN on the the car and get a matching key.
I know that a lot of Cars here in KC the dealerships dontgive you the extra keys to the car they want you to pay 60 bucks a key.

That and you can buy a blank from Howard Keys

About 4 years back when i worked for another company an installer was inter faceing into a key system much like the impalla andi hear oh F_CK come from that side of the bay. I run over see smoke pouring out the module and the dick i am i laugh and say man your F-ed. I was like wel better call the dealer find out how much that part is, he was bummed but turned on the key and cranked it any way. GUESS WHAT the thing started and ran fine no trouble lights and you could start it wih the remote starter and no bypass hooked up.

So he needs to stand strong tell the insurance to **** off .

Honestly there are so many ways someone else could get in there and bypass his set up.
Did he have the car worked on lately?
YOU sure a mechanic didn't program a key id tell them **** like that and he might want to get a lawyer. YOU pay for your insurance every month now there not going to stand by your side f-ck that.

If pass lock can be bypassed with a resistor and a relay for a remote start, and this info is readily available to shops wolrdwide..............I think the car can be stolen without the key.

Better yet they could steal it with a paper clip and a screw driver. All pass lock does is disable the fuel and ignition relays.

My mechanic can bypass a Gen IV Audi/VW transpoder key in less than 30 seconds and drive the car with no visible damage. I know this system is far more evolved than passlock.

Most scenarios the Police and Insurance are waiting for more evidence, since most burns are a scam.........most cars are stolen for parts and left or joyrided and salvaged, but if the burn is thorough then it usually points to scam since if it was truly stolen then just burn enough to remove prints but aren't really thorough.

Tell your boy to cover his ass and sit tight, maybe even speak to an outside attorney just to cover his ass better.
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Yeah, that's what I thought. If I could flash my '94 Clone with a program that eliminates VATS for $50 through the underdash connector, I figured it must be possible to do just about anything, and the whole "unstealable" "theftproof" passlock system was just so much GM B.S. Plus there's no evidence that the thing wasn't towed anyway.
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