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Twilight Sentinel repair

I don't know if this has been done before, but heres how I fixed a bad twilight sentinel module. My friend's 92 OCC's twilight sentinel was acting up. First it would shut off randomly after it came on, then it just plain didn't work at all. I had a similar problem with mine a while back and just replaced the white box. So I decided to look into it some more, and took both modules apart to see what was going on.

First step is getting to the module. On his 92 Custom Cruiser it was by the steering column. There was very little slack on the wires, and I had to use a flat head screw driver to pop the clips to release it. It should be the same on all 91-93 wagons with the older interrior. On my 95 RMW, it was in the passenger kick panel. 2 clips squeezed and the cables came out. Both locations don't use screws to secure the box down, it just slides into place.

Theres the damage, right there.
You will see in this first picture that there are 2 broken solder joings (in the red circle). Both my old module and my friend's had the same thing. Also in the blue circle there were some hairline cracks that didn't come out in the photo. One of the modules had another broken joint in that general area, but this is the best picture I was able to take.

After identifiying the cracks, I went and touched them up with my soldering iron and after heating them applied some fresh solder to the connection. I then went over the entire board and touched up any others that looked remotely suspect of failure.

With both boards touched up, I installed my friend's back in his OCC, and being that it was dark out, the lights came right on! He informed me today that it seems to be working perfectly now, goes on and off when its suppose to. I put my original one back in my wagon tonight and found the repair to be working just as good. There you have a quick and easy fix to a failed twilight sentinel module. Its a good place to start if the module is suspected to be bad.

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