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Is it just me or does anyone else agree that it's high time that the club do some kind of update work on the club website? This is the first impression many get of our family and it sure isn't setting the world on fire providing what the website/club claims it does. Seems to me like we have a VERY valuable tool at the club's disposal that is being terribly neglected and wasted. I know we've got members that are highly skilled with web site construction and marketing types that are more than willing to assist in making suggestions for some kind of updated format that could help the club turn the tide with the loss of membership.

Some observations:
I hate to say it but the home page leaves ALOT to be desired compared to other national clubs' home pages.
2003-2005 Election details still up? What about 2004-2006?
A whopping TWO sanctioned/supported/affiliated club events this year? Our members supported more than this, didn't they?
And last, straight from the member services page:
C. Website
1. Up to date (NOT), full dynamic
2. Member's car of the month (Where is it?)
3. Top quality photos and features
5. Mod evaluation area

My suggestions:
Rebuild the home page to be packed with links to all the valuable information, picture sites and support the club can provide so when it is visited by potential members for the first time it conveys a sense of the vaste scope of our world and experience. Ya know. WOW factor.
(This might hurt a lil' for some, but why not take a quick look around and see what is possible, good, bad, etc.? Just some addresses I grabbed. )
Do monthly updates featuring Impala activites from across the country (whether they are sanctioned or not!). There is no feeling like getting together with our cars, riding in caravans together, bench racing, etc. 'cause it is about the cars, right?
Build a permanent and regularly updated "Hall of B-Body Fame" car/owner feature.
Consider a true club-owned forum.
Build a "newbie" tech page that reviews the value of possible mods to our vehicles that is easy to navigate and will reduce the perennial "Do a search!" BS which turns off so many potential new members.
Make it easier for club members to find out what is actaully happening with the day-to-day operations of the club and to find the minutes of executive meeting minutes. This could make us, as memebrs, feel more involved in the club and increase participation / membership by proving this is a club "run by the members, for the members".
Find more ways to emphasize (and prove thru action and our web site) that the focus of the club IS about the cars (and not personalities or egos).
A monthly feature written by John Moss and/or other key people that have been instrumental in creating what we all love?
A monthly editorial from our President that would make us all feel more "connected".
A "behind the scenes" history of the car and the club.
Consider posting a magazine section with duplication of the magazine in "web format" with back issues.

Comments? Additional suggestions?

Please note that my ONLY intention in posting this thread here is to initiate some dialogue among
MEMBERS that may have ideas about how we can improve our club and its services, thereby growing paid membership and thus club support for activites and
NON-MEMBERS that will share what they want that would motivate them to join.
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I have no comment.
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Gene, your comments are always welcome.

There are other avenues besides just the Forum to discuss your concerns as an ISSCA member. If you can take the time to document all the issues you have, would it be too much to ask to contact someone on the ISSCA Board of Directors to inquire about it as part of the process of resolving some of the backlog of what our volunteer group is trying to do?

If you have some skills that will help out, would you be available to work on some of this?

Paul is planning to join the ISSCA Board--he wants to help. How about you?
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I wanted to help early in the year. Created as a skeleton but was told I wasn't approved or voted in or something. I can do all that stuff up there, all database-driven. But not for free if that's what they want.

FYI car clubs, I'm gonna have some cool stuff for websites soon. Forums, dynamic event calendars, polls, photo galleries where you can upload photos yourself without having to bother the webmaster, dynamic registration forms (rather than some dude emailing the president to join) etc etc. Gonna be pretty cool!
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Comon, Paul. You must have a suggestion (or two) for the website you could contirbute!

Bill, thanks for your appreciation for me taking the time ask my questions. And I know there are other "behind the scene" ways to ask questions but isn't that missing the point? The forum has made this place to ask questions and my question was not directed to the board in a closed forum but to all members in an open forum. "By the members, for the members."

Since you brought up the subject, I don't have issues. I have contributions I want to make. I have offered my services repeatedly to the highest levels, but, as of yet, no one "on the board" has seen fit to accept my offers. So I spend my time and the lil bit of discretionary money I have working to act as a kind of recruiting ISSCA member "in the field" sharing my passion for these cars and the incredible people that are involved in this fine club and the many other wonderful b-body clubs around the country.

In response to your invitation, I am aware (by accident?) of the board position that is currently open in the 9th region,

I quote:

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 12:10 PM
Subject: Region 9 Director Position open


As you may (or may not) be aware, I am on the Nominating Committee for ISSCA and must provide a nomination form for anyone who would like to run for the other Region 9 Directorship.

Doug Wood has done an excellent job and has extended tremendous effort to help guide the National Club through this last 2 years of growth. He has decided not to run again, and will be taking time to relax and enjoy the car and local club activities. We will miss him on the board, and appreciate all the work he has done.

I am asking that anyone who wishes to run for this open director position (or would like more information regarding what it entails) to please contact me. The due date for nominations is Sept 20, so I would need to hear from you shortly. This is a great opportunity to actively participate in the continued growth of ISSCA.


Bob Fandetti
National Director, Region 9

but I am not interested in a board position nor do I have the funds/time to travel to, what I consider, expensive and time consuming (sic. exclusionary?) "in person" national board meetings when they could easily be convened via the internet and video conferencing, get the same things done and do it for free. I prefer to spend what little money I have on participating in as many B-Body events as possible during my business travels while enjoying the comraderie of fellow members/non-memebers of ISSCA and indescriminately recruiting new members for all b-body clubs.

Back on topic, anyone got any additional ideas they'd be willing to share for the web site?
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Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Tell us more, Dan! Please. Where there's a will, there's always a way.

Post up your offer for all to see. Can you password protect a member's area?
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I would whole heartedly urge you to seek the nomination in region 9.

I do have comments/suggestions about a lot of stuff ISSCA. As of now I'm not in a position of doing anything about it.
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Gene--and others interested, (sorry for the length--typical for me, and for pulling this further away from the thread topic)

The current board of directors is comprised of 17 people from around the country. This changes annually depending on how many candidates present themselves for election, and if there are any resignations during the year. Some of us have been serving on the ISSCA board since the beginning, others later, a few started, left, and came back when called. In the beginning we (there were 8 or 9 of us then, as interim directors, before first election in 2001) met for online chat WEEKLY, as there was a steep curve of things to do as we learned how to work together to get the business of the club done. At least 2 of the 4 annual meetings were tied in with other events--ImpalaFest, Impalapalooza 2001, I2K2--I don't remember which we did and which we didn't have piggy-backed meetings, but there were a number of them--and the rest of the face-to-face meetings were generally either the first of the year, where new directors are brought onto the board following elections, and National Event site review/selection visits combined with the meeting itself.

Once in awhile we end up going somewhere with the intent of doing business (ie. meeting agenda) and end up not able to because not enough people showed up to make a quorum--this happened last month in New Jersey because of a last-minute problem for at least one director who had previously committed to being there. We have to plan these meetings well in advance to allow people to arrange their personal time and transportation, be sure we have a location to conduct the actual meeting as well as a place to stay, transportation needs from airport if flying in, etc. One thing that we always try to do is have some interaction with the local club people in the area, and that is what we did in NJ, which turned out to be a very worthwhile meeting, even though we couldn't work from the agenda we had planned. As we were also there working on the decisions about the 2005 convention, it was not a wasted trip. Could we do things differently to reduce costs? Probably--undoubtedly. But it is a big undertaking, and not always a cut-and-dried situation to be able to have a local director do legwork, tell the board that everything is good-to-go, then be able to count on everything going down without a hitch. It takes more than that to bring all the resources together to hold the National Convention, trust me.

As I described above, I assure you the ISSCA quarterly board meetings are not exclusionary. ISSCA members are always welcome wherever and whenever the board has face-to-face meetings. Every bi-weekly chat has an agenda, and if you have an issue or concern, you need to let it be known that you want the matter addressed, or arrange to be there yourself to present the matter. These meetings are a very necessary part of the continual process of preparing for upcoming National events, as well as responding to ongoing charter club support needs, refinement of current guidance and procedures in response to input from directors and members, and a variety of other matters. There will be new directors in the future with new ideas that may make this task easier, but this is a fairly large "ship" and it can't always change direction as quickly or as easily as you might assume. We have on occasion looked at the possiblity of video conferencing and other ways to "meet" electronically, but getting together several times a year has proven to be a good investment of time and money for those involved. Money, or lack thereof, has not stopped people who want to serve from doing so. There are some of us who are more able to make all of the fact-to-face meetings, either financially or by availability of the time to do so.

If you have read the bylaws, you know that a director has, under the present guidelines, to attend only ONE of the 4 quarterly meetings--or not miss more than 3 in a row--before there is any question about his or her eligibility to continue to serve as a director. With your enthusiasm, and your connection to so many clubs around the country, you are a valuable asset to the entire membership of ISSCA. How ever you can do it, I hope you will continue to develop ideas to add to what "works" for the entire community. Even if you don't see any way to run for the board, I know you manage to get to lots of events--maybe you should try to schedule your travels to make a quarterly meeting to see what goes on--any director can tell you when we will be meeting again this year.

I tell you all of this to let you and others understand that we are all, in fact, unpaid volunteers, and for the past 4 years we have been meeting at least 4 times a year AND we continue to meet online, now twice a month. As background to this, the first "official" meeting to form ISSCA was 4 years ago this month at ImpalaFest, following the Roundtable discussions at I2K in St Louis, June 2000. Happy Birthday ISSCA!!!
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Originally posted by Boilermaker:
...I hate to say it but the home page leaves ALOT to be desired compared to other national clubs' home pages...
I'd have to agree. Not to bash the site designer, but the ISSCA website just doesn't have the professional "look and feel" that a national club needs.

Perhaps it's time to hire one of the folks on here to do a complete re-design. I know there are some talented folks on here that would only charge a minimal fee or perhaps even do it for free.
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( first, I'll apologize for continuing the hijacking of your thread.... but hey, that happens all the time here. )

I think Bill has done his typcial excellent job at summing up what it is like to be a board member, and how the meetings are arranged and run. I was a Region 12 director for two years, and Secretary for one of those. Its not an easy committment when you work full time, have a busy family life and many other things 'on your plate'. But Gene, I agree with Bill, YOU really need to consider putting your name in the hat for Region 9. Bob and Doug have served EXTREMELY well and worked VERY hard during their tenure. It is time to have someone else step up to the plate and help out for the next two years. I think you would be a great asset to the board. Its fun, trust me. Its a lot of work, but its rewarding work.

And while I'm at it, there are other regions that probably won't have directors in 2005-2006. They are 4, 12 and 13. Personally, I can't believe there isn't someone in 12 and 13 willing to consider stepping up to the plate.... these two areas have some very serious, very dediated ISSCA folks in them. I don't know anyone in 4, so can't say there.

For ANYONE reading this thread in Region 4, 12 or 13, please give this some serious consideration. 2005 is going to be a critical year for the ISSCA board. Its tough going, but there are some tough people running the club, they just need a little help from everyone.

Gerry Massie-
Norfolk, VA

Here is a link to the ISSCA Region Map

Just mouse over the state you are in, and a little pop up will show you the region number. ( Nice touch there Ray! )
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