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Maybe I'm wrong for even asking, but I'm gonna since I did once, and did not get an answer I like.
I can only attend for about 24 hours from 3 or so Monday to 3 or so Tuesday. There really is not much on the schedule for either day, it seems mostly meet and greet, and polish the car. Then I have to scoot.
Do I have to pay $80 to hang out for a few hours in the parking lot?
I'd be fine paying 1/5 of that, but I know it can get complicated to pro-rate it for everybody who is part timing. It just seems like a healthy hunk of cabbage to hang out?

Let me know what you think! If you think I'm an A$$ for asking, that's all good too.
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Jim Moulton
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Well, I would be glad to see you again Peter...! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Pete, I asked the same question about a week ago. I'm totally for supporting ISSCA and what they are doing but $80.00 to basically look over the cars one day is a bit much. I'm guessing you probably know this already but here is the answer I got....

If you plan on going and not entering a car it will cost the basic registration which is now $80. To compete in any event you must have a competition license which now is $35.

Mountain Madness - The Rules
Basic Attendance (spectator - not competing)

* For the most part **, attendance at Mountain Madness is limited to ISSCA members who also pay the registration fee.
* ISSCA membership, for those not already members, is $40. per year.
* The basic early registration fee is $70. thru June 30th. This fee goes to $80. on July 1st and to $90. at the gate.
* Base registration covers immediate family (spouse, children, parents, siblings).
* Membership and paid registration are required whether you attend for one day or the entire week.

** Exception - Guests

* Members registered for the Nationals may bring 2 guests who are not ISSCA members.
* Guests of a registered ISSCA member:
o may not be ISSCA members themselves.
o may not be former ISSCA members whose membership has expired in the 12 months prior to the event.
* There is no additional charge for bringing up to 2 adult guests.
* Guests must be identified by name in the ISSCA host members registration.
* Guests must pass through registration at Mountain Madness.

Competition (participants in 1 of the 5 competitions, can include the car show)

* Competition at Mountain Madness is limited to ISSCA members who also pay the registration fee and buy a competition license.
* Competitors pay $25. for the competition license. This fee goes to $35. on July 1st and to $45. at the gate.
* The competition fee covers (up to) 5 of the competitive events. Compete in 1 or compete in 5, it's the same fee.

Perks for registered members:

* full access to Mountain Madness facilities & events
* goody bag
* door prize eligibility
* T-shirt
* a ticket to the awards brunch
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That *REALLY* sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I know quite a few people spend a bunch of time and there own cash to pull this off, and Issca in general. But for the mass's, who only want to come and hang out, I think it is a WRONG direction.

The whole purpose of a "club" like this is to get a bunch of like minded people together and enjoy their passion. For many, it is tough enough to get the time off in the middle of the week. For many people with family, it is a serious cut in a months nugget to get there, especially if you took time off that the family *Knows* you could have spent with them.

I am adding it up, and it is gonna cost me well over $300 to shoot the breeze with these people for a matter of hours.

(Sound of drumming fingers on the table) I may have to reconsider my commitments.

I think in the future, ISSCA would do well to reconsider for people of lesser means/tighter budgets. Or maybe not. Raise the rent and you do not get any trailer parks.

Rant off. Sorry if I sound a little bitter....
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Guessing they want to limit the crowd.
I had never really looked into attending an ISSCA event and after reading this probably never will. I am sure I would be discusted by the number of garage queens and bling anyway. I have gone to a couple HERD event and always felt more than welcome.
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As I read this again, I'm a little pi$$ed I just renewed my membership.
I'm not feeling the love....
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Peter, I understand where you're coming from. There is an obscene amount of money that goes into putting it all together and we gotta recoup the costs or quit doing it. The reason for asking for the registration fee. I will continue to lobby for better understanding of folks like us that don't have $2,000 of disposable income to throw at a week. I'm having to share a room just to afford this myself.

Dwayne, I hang with the HERD when I get a chance and the ISSCA folks. They're all a good group of folks with each having their positives and negatives. I just like hangin with the Impala folks wherever they happen to be. Trailer queens? Probably in the same proportion as the HERD. I'm not much into the show and stereo stuff but if you are, we got it! ISSCA does have a larger number of gear heads in it, too. I'm more interested in racing than showing. Another reason I hang around. The brain pickin and used racing parts come in handy.

Not too many groups in the country can pull off a week with a car show, drag racing, road racing at Pocono Raceway and auto-x. I'll support them year round just for the chance of participating during that one week a year.

You guys will only get out of it what you put into it. Your choice. It's always nice to have a choice.
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Originally the online registration was supposed to end the first of June (I believe). This would have made one month available for folks that missed the online reg. to mail in their registrations.

We decided to extend the online registration (and lower fees) to help everyone out a little. This, unfortunately, virtually eliminated the chance to mail in a registration between the end of online reg. and the event. Considering that those folks handling registration are leaving or are already in transit to the Poconos and getting your mail to them before they arrive at the event is unlikely, it looks like the only way to assure registration now is at the door.

Also be warned, registration for each event closes the night prior to that event. (I'm double checking, but this is how we did it last year) This is required to give the folks in charge of these events time to work up schedules and logistics for the following day.
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My last post on the subject.

Your right. It's nice to have the choice. It's nice that it is there for a choice. I also understand the cost of pulling this whole thing off.

I appreciate the time/effort extended to get it to work.

I however can not justify spending 3 or 4 hundred bucks to meet and greet. Just me, I wish I made more money where I don't consider that a lot of cabbage to do that sort of thing. If I had the right days off to actually drive the autocross and or roadcourse, I would not think twice.

I really wanted to meet some bbodyfolk from other parts but oh well.

I say this sincerely: thanks for the choice.
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I'm with Peter on this one, some of us just don't have the time to take or the money to spend on the whole deal. So we'd like to come down and hang out for a couple hours and meet some of the guys we talk to all the time whom we've never met in person... We're not even talking about competing or showing!!! Just stopping in to say hi to all.

You guys know my story. Caddy's not done. It's a bummer. I've been looking forward to this event since I first heard about it at LISST's E-town event last July. I was so psyched for it! I preregistered months ago. So since the caddy is not ready, I was going to come down in the Fatwagon and just hang out for an afternoon with everyone. From NH to PA, just for an afternoon to meet n greet. Sounded like fun at first. Maybe a hundred bucks in gas (no biggie), then on top of that the FULL week's charge for just hanging out for a little while? I don't f#cking think so...

How the hell can a PAYING ISSCA MEMBER in GOOD STANDING be penalized for being a member of the club? That's EXACTLY what this is. If you're not an ISSCA member, you can be someone's guest (for the whole friggen week, BTW) for free. But if you ARE an ISSCA member and you just want to stop by and hang out for a few hours to talk to your friends, you have to pay 80-90 bucks??? How is that friggin fair??? There should at least have been a daily/weekly SPECTATOR fee for paid members in good standing. 10 bucks a day would have been fair for that, I think...

Alll this does is put a bad taste in people's mouths. Mine included. Hope you guys have a great time...
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