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Hello All Car Showers
Well, Believe it or not this IS my 3rd. time to TRY and post My Comments and Answers. [img]smile.gif[/img]
Talk about BAD TIMING, My Cable 1 Modem just took a dump. It works when IT wants to ?? I tried to post comments Fri. morning and I THOUGHT They got sent according to My AOHELL, But I see it Didn't get sent. Its now Sunday, AM I just got service back again and will try to respond Again !! [img]smile.gif[/img] B4 I loose my modem AGAIN.
ANYWAY, I've just finished catching up on the latest Postings.
As I Previously Tried to reply...
It Was Not Intent of ISSCA or Anyone to "Screw" Anyone !! Sorry for using that word, but this his the feeling Some are getting. These are the New Rules for Car Showing in 2002...Well, as You and I See, They Didn't work out very well !! I would like to send My Apologies out to the Folks that were Mis-classed or were Combined into other classes. I Personally wasn't in favor of this but Did go along to see how it would work. Like I said...It Didn't work at I2K2, well, it kinda did, but some well deserving Winners Didn't get Anything, because of the combining of classes.
OK...Now that Everyone is Looking and Waiting for a FIX, What Do YOU the Car Showers and ISSCA's Voice WANT !?!? This IS Your ISSCA, You have a Voice in How the Car Shows are run, I'm just the Head Car Show JUDGE, and have a "Appointed Position" !! I Have NO Voting Power and Am there just as an "Advisor" to Try and make the Car Show Classes and Rules as Equal as possible. The Mileage factor here is Definitely a Big Concern to Everyone, probable the Most Concern of all !!(I will address this later) I make suggestions, the BoD's have the Finial Word. I have ASKED SEVERAL TIMES for Help in setting up these Classes and Rules. When I get NO Responses, I have to go with what I think will work (from Past Events) and then present them to the BoD's for Approval. I'm Not trying to put the Blame on ANYONE, and I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for What Happened at St.Louis. I'm the One that Will Take The Heat !! Things Didn't go as was thought, they Did to a certain extent, BUT There Are some areas that Do Need Improvement. As WE ALL Know, You Can't Satisfy Everyone and Never Will !! ISSCA Car Show Classes and Rules are Still in the their Infancy and We Are Still Learning from our Mistakes !! Yes, AGAIN Valuable Lessons Have Been Learned, Improvements Will be Made !! [img]smile.gif[/img] As I stated to Karen, Post your Complaints and Ideas to the Forum, That Will get some Attention, As It DID !! Thank You, Karen, See You Do have a Voice !! [img]smile.gif[/img]
Fred...As I replied to you, I have No Idea Where the `95's were !?!? We all know they are out there(94's as well) but, Why they didn't show up !?!? Yes, the `96's are Still Dominating All Classes !! Your class Did have 3 in class and by mistake was combined. I'm Sorry for this. However, Steve Sharp did receive a 1st.Place Award and was in your class.
Daniel...Thank You for your e-m an suggestions !! Sorry that Your 96BBB was the Only one in the STOCK Over 50K Class. I personally saw your Impala while being Judged and it was Very Clean and You Did deserve a 1st. Place Award. I'm Glad that You and Your Family Did Enjoy I2K2 and Hope this Doesn't deture You from Future events !! Matter Fact This Goes Out To Everyone !!
Daniel suggested that ISSCA KEEP the Classes Posted at the 1st. of the year and Not make any changes until the Next Year.
In Defense of this...I Did have New Classes and Rules Proposed for the BoD's in Indy in January, But, Due to some complications, This Didn't Happen. Then when they were presented, the BoD's wanted Major changes. These were worked on almost to the last minute and unfortunately The GRAIL STAFF were caught in the middle. I know several weren't happy about the Latest Changes and this probably cost GRAIL some attendance.
And as We All See, More Changes and/or Improvements must be made Again. I will Start Working on these as soon as I get Direction from the Bod's. Until then, I Can't do Anything. Remember...I have and Appointed Position and Have to Follow What the BoD's Want and In the Direction They Want The Car Show's held. I Can't just Up and Change the Rules on the Spot !! I Do have the Ultimate Finial Decision at the time, at the Show for What I will or Won't Allow in Judging. At I2K2, I did find a need for some changes in the Judging Sheet for areas that weren't addressed and Yes, It will be subject to change also and Posted to the Website upon Approval. Like I said b4, Each Show is Another Learning Experience. I will keep on Trying to get the Car Show Classes & Rules as Competitive an Fair as Possible.
OK...The Mileage Classification Classes Are a Major Concern to ALL. This is Probably the Hardest Area to Equalize !! Every Year the Miles go UP for those that Drive Their Vehicles. ISSCA Had 3 Mileage Classes but, Every Year they Must be Adjusted !! The Simple solution was to just have 2 Classes, Under 50K and Over 50K. Well, this workes out for Some, those that have under 100K, but, for those that Drive their vehicles and Have Over 100K miles and up to 200K miles and Some even over that, You can't expect them to compete w/a 100K mile vehicle. The Only thing really going for them and ALL as a matter of fact, it that UNDERCARRIAGES ARE NOT JUDGED !! Just Visible Areas !! Let Me say this, Those that Do have OVER 100K to 200K, I Commend You on Your Preservation in Keeping Your Vehicle in Great Shape !! OK, Now another class needs to be formed. See What I'm trying to show ya, Each and Every Year, Changes Must be made to keep the Competition as equal as possible. You think ISSCA has ALOT of Classes, Yes, We Do !! And there is a need for More Classes as the Years and Miles go up !! BUT, WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE !?!? There Has to be a Compromise Somewhere !! Oddly, there was Only 1 Vehicle in the Whole I2K2 Show that was in the 91-93 B-Body Class !! This happened to be the Beautiful Metallic Green Wagon and it Didn't show up until Late Sat. during Judging. ISSCA Doesn't have a Separate Wagon Class Yet, But 1 Will be coming when The Wagons Start showing up in force !! As You can see, This is something that will have to be addressed also as they are getting More and More Popular.
I ask You to Be Patient and Try to See What the BoD's and I are up against !! WE ARE WORKING ON TRYING to get Everything as Equal as Possible, Were Not Perfect Yet !! LOL-LOL BUT, WE/ISSCA ARE TRYING !!
Thanks for Your Time and Understanding and Please Keep Your Recommendations Coming !! This Is YOUR ISSCA, Express Your Feelings, Thoughts and Suggestions !!
Larry D. Hall
ISSCA Head Car Show Judge
This Position Is Available to Anyone that Wants it !!
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I'm with you Larry, everyone needs to voice thier thoughts and ideas. This is a good venue for that.
But you should not take FULL responsibility for the mistakes or actions taken in St. Louis. Those decisions were made by the local (host) club.
To avoid this in the future the rules will need to carried out to the T. This eliminates "judgement calls" and the catch all phrase "we thought this would be better".
The classes seem to be broken down pretty well. As you stated as time goes on things may need adjusting. But when it's an adopted set of standards going in to a show it needs to be adhered to.
I have a couple suggestions for thought.
If the current # of cars needed for a class is not changed (3,5,7) then be sure to allow those people the option to move PRIOR to judging. They may be able to make some changes to compete in another class if they are aware ahead of time. If you set an entry deadline this is easy to make happen.
If and when you have awards left over because of classes being combined or lack of entries, they should be used for what is called "The Best of the Rest". This has been used by clubs and car shows all over to recognize cars just under the wire so to speake. This does not mean more awards for a large class just because it is large. It means award the classes by the established means and then evaluate the rest of the field and recognize those cars which may have been inched out by points but still deserve attention.
This allows those cars who end up in a class that doesn't meet the criteria for 2 or 3 awards to be awarded. A 4th or 5th place car in 1 class may not be better than a car in a class with 1,2 or 3 cars in it. I saw some very nice cars get nothing. Now if those cars further down in a large class are deserving then so be it. I hope that was explained OK.
What do you all think.
As all are saying it is OUR club so let your voice be heard. SSee ya,
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Let's see how far this flies...

Impala Class
Caprice Class
Roadmaster, Fleetwood, and Wagon Class
(Not many show up. Sorry Guys)

Mod Levels
Mild Street


Just my .02
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I am still waiting for a reply to emails sent out last weekend before I am going to give my .02 to anyone.

Also, the nasty emails I have been receiving can stop anytime. I am entitled to an opinion just as much as anyone else. If you don't like it, that is your problem -- not mine. Lets have a little respect for freedom of speech.
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I suggest that ISCCA track the details on cars that enter the major shows. Documenting them by year, model, mileage, mod catagory etc,. By collecting this type of information a determination could be made as to how to breakdown the classes for the following event or the following year. It certainly doesn't make sense to have 75 cars in one class and 3 or 4 in another. I suggest you establish the classes to have a set number of cars per class. For example, trying to have no more than 30 or no less than 10 per class. This allows like cars to compete. Since the Impalas dominate the events you may want a class for these non-Impalas based on the numbers that enter. Using the no more than/no less than rule again. That is my 2cents.

Thanks for all the time and work you put in for us and ISCCA. It is appreciated by many.

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Thumbs up

Doug, that's not a bad idea. If the shows are in the same location (St. Louis, Arlington, etc.) that can work. Different areas of the country vary in the majority of cars. There weren't many 95's in St. Louis but plenty in Texas. Out West or East it may different also. But it still sounds like something to consider.

Karen, screw all the thin skinned Butt Mites who lurk in the shadows They don't have a CLUE [img].gif[/img]
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