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Karl Ellwein
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It is hard to pinpoint exactly why I enjoyed Dreamapalooza. But let me tell you, I really enjoyed being there for 2 of the 5 days. What I enjoyed was seeing so many mean and clean B-bodys in one place. It seemed like every time I turned around, there was another 396 monster motor or a sweet sounding LT4 Hot cammed car. I am reluctant to mention all of the people I met due to not being able to remember all of the names, (and for fear of leaving out someone). But too bad the Drag racing day was rained out. Fortunatally for some of us, we went to the Test-n-Tune at Milan on Wednesday evening.
Myself, Gerry Massie, Ken Humphries, Jorge Perez-Gurri and Son, ChriSS & wife, Paul Roswell, Tom ?, Mike Kender and Wife, and others I forget.
This event was so well organized that I believe it should be the standard. [img]smile.gif[/img] Non stop activities, perfect location. The Holiday Inn host hotel was nice. Good parking lot burnouts.
I also got to meet some new faces: Pat Flavin and Minnisota Mark with Carly Jo. A few guys from California like Ron Sellers and frined on the Chassis Dyno and Ed Runnion helping to give piece of mind for getting the air out of Jorge's coolant system. I saw some of the ISSCA officials like the Head Show Car Judge Larry Hall and Chino the world famous photographer. Also the crew a ZapPCM and Brian from CHI-town. ZapPCM sponsored the drag racing and that was pretty cool and good bussiness sense. It was also pretty cool that Milan Dragway didn't charge Dream-a for the rainout and that the Dreama' staff gave the money back.
I got to spend a whole day checking out the 10 second car of MiamiSpeed Jorge Perez-Gurri. That is one clean machine. Even the inside of his engine is spotless. When I finally got to meet Pat Flavin, we spent an hour talking about drag racing and mods while praying for the rain to stop. Pat, you all have to start a Northern Impala SS Racing Series. I think you have enough interest in that part of the country.
What did everyone think of Dreamapalooza? I loved it.
Karl Ellwein, ISSCA 182, ECIRS 399
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mn mark
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to much fun for words to descibe!
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Yep, it was one AWESOME event. I just got back and the Dream Cruise yesterday was the corker!

Getting to meet so many people, and finally getting to put faces with names! And Ron Sellers 'secret switch' mod, oh wow! You had to be there. Its beyond description. I hope someone has a picture! Yep, not only was the Holiday Inn perfect for burnouts, and hanging out, it had an Interstate on ramp right behind our parking, and we could all watch and listen to the I-275 'test and tune' ramp!!

WHAT A BLAST the whole week was! Hats off the the fine folks in MISSL, because they worked their butts off putting this together. It was flawless!

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Ron Sellers' secret switch? Hrm. Too bad I had to miss this show. Sounds like it was great. It worries me that people won't be able to make it to ImpalaFest though, having two events so close together. I "plan" to be in Texas again this year -- IF2000 was great, so I have no doubt everyone had a blast in Michigan as well!
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Steve Sochacki here. For those that might not remember, I was one of the 'bald' [img]smile.gif[/img] guys doing registration, both at the hotel and the events. I would personally like to thank all the people who showed up for the event. As with anything of this magnitude, you can plan your brains out but until you open the doors, you don't really know what to expect. Every guest for the event was very patient and understanding. I thank you all for that, it made our jobs enjoyable and fun. It was an amazing event and I'm glad everyone had the best time they could. Since this was my first national event, I learned quite a few things. The most important thing you might ask? Get your hotel room on the oposite side of the hotel from where the b-bodies park if you want some sleep . You don't know how many times I got out of bed to see how big a cloud of smoke someone had just left.

Thanks again,

Steve - looking forward to I2K2
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I wish I could have been there. I'll be lucky if my car is back together before ImpalaFest. Sounds like a great time, maybe next year for me. Hey Karl when you ever gonna make it down for ImpalaFest?

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I also had a great time! Even though I did not get to bring my BeaSSt or get to look around at the car show. Too buzy working (as usual!). I did get to put some faces with names though, Paul Roswell, Karl Ellwein, and others. Watching Ed, Les, Harvey and Chuck duke it out on the autocross was cool as well as the "secret switch" and of course all of the burnouts! I should have the pictures that I took up in a day or two.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by HACK:
I also had a great time! Even though I did not get to bring my BeaSSt.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hack, read the thread on your spun bearings

spun bearings
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One word : WOW!

Whatta blast, whatta trip!

Got back late last night. The morning of August 8th, my car had 83511 miles on it. This morning when I pulled into the work parking lot (5 miles from home), I had 88811 on it. That's 5300 miles in 12 days for those doing the math

I have TONS of pics and video to put online (yes, IN CAR video from both the Road Course and AutoX). I managed to come in 4th in modified for both Road Course and AutoX, which considering the car (STOCK powertrain!) I was very happy with. And Les Brown WON the AutoX in my car (a few tenths ahead of me......Les, Harvey, Chuck Spera and I were all grouped quite tight for the entire AutoX battle!) so I know it's the driver and not the car [img]smile.gif[/img]

Trip out and back was pretty uneventful. Tully Gould and I were in a 2 car caravan, basically taking I-80 all the way from San Francisco (Fairfield CA, about 30 miles east of SF) to Gary IN and then getting on I-94 to Detroit.

Did have a couple minor issues with the car, but nothing major :<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>"something" destroyed one of my el-cheapo foglights in Wyoming, bought replacements at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop and slapped them on the car Sunday Night before the show<LI>Before I left, the passenger Bonny seat had some "issues" and won't go forward/back anymore<LI>On the way back, something happened and the lumbar (air) pump for the Bonny seats died<LI>And unfortunately, the HOT sun did manage to make the Langness spoiler paint bubble a bit on the return trip (it was fine on the way out and looked mint AT the car show, but bubbled in Nebraska/Wyoming on Saturday on the way back).[/list]
Other than that, the car worked flawlessly. Not a lick of trouble whatsoever out of the Meziere Water Pump the entire trip, which is what I was most worried about (being "just installed" and all).

Highest outside temp seen on the trip was 108 in Sacramento on the way out. Lowest was about 60 or so. And highest altitude (lowest was Sea Level at home) was 8600 feet in Wyoming.....lemme tell you the SS feels like a SLUG at 8600 feet!

Here are two "teaser" pics. First one is the trip out, and a pretty cool pic that Tully took of my SS in the rain in Wyoming

Second Pic is of both my car and Tully's car on the trip back. Our Saturday night overnight was in Wendover Nevada/Utah (state line runs right thru the middle of town). Five miles east of town is the Bonneville International Speedway (salt flats) where all those top-speed cars run! We knew a "once in a lifetime" photo op when we saw it (especially considering it was right around sunset and the lighting was incredible!) so we took it. Here is a shot, facing to the North/Northeast

So, I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to MISSL for putting on THE National Event this year (Impalafest is fun and I'll be there, but....). I am extremely impressed by the job done by MISSL, and can't wait for next year at I2K2!
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IndipalaSS members had a GREAT time at the event. MISSL was great - so organized and friendly.

Some of us stayed through the Dream Cruise on Saturday. What an event! It has to be witnessed to be believed.

Feel free to check out our web scrapbook from the trip at:
IndipalaSS at Dreamapalooza

If you're a REAL GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT, you can see all 209 of our Dreamapalooza/Dream Cruise pictures (with a decidedly IndipalaSS emphasis) at:

Image Station Photo Album

Thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen!
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