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Adrian Madkin
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This is gonna be a LONG post, ladies and gents. So, if you really don't care about what a Impala event is considered and it's all about having fun<like myself>, SKIP THIS POST. But if you ever make choices on attending Impala shows based on weather it's a naitonal or regional event, please read.
This is a reply I'm doing from a note that was sent to another subject post. Remember, while reading, I'm not speaking for anybody or HOSS. I'm speaking for ImpalaFest as a show. This is my reply from part of a note that was ent by a powerful voice in the Impala community. So this needs to be cleared
since ImpalaFest was brought up in the subject. "I have no beef with Ed" We already had a private chat about this, like grown men. In other words this is just a correction. No flame what so ever.

>>>>Impalafest (and RODarama for that matter) are both great events. I enjoy both, and will be at both this year.However, neither were THE National event for THIS year.

Those of us who are involved with ImpalaFest have never, EVER tried to tell people that Impalapalooza On The Green, BG99, Impalapalouis or Dreamapalooza were not national events. It would certainly be nice if ImpalaFest were shown the same courtesy.

I really need to make this VERY clear. ImpalaFest is by far a national event. That label was earned after 4 successful years of pleasing attendees, nation wide, with the basic formulas that make a good national event, which is a good show with tough competition, and hard nose racing, and attendees from coast to coast, that keep coming back.

ImpalaFest 98 influenced other national shows that seminars can be a great
addition to a big event. BG99 was a HUGE influence to encourage other
national shows to add an autox to a world wide event if possible.
Impalapalouis took it to a whole new level by doing all of the above plus
adding a road course, which was simply awesome! And Dreamapalooza took all
of the above and pulled off by far the biggest Impala event EVER put on by
an Impala club!

So, if all of the above makes up a national event, ImpalaFest is in the mix! No doubt!
But if we wanna talk about numbers, well, lets do numbers, so folks will know that ImpalaFest by far a national event since day one.

>>>Impalafest (and RODarama for that matter) are both great events. I enjoy both, and will be at both this year.However, neither were THE National event for THIS year.

ImpalaFest has ALWAYS been a national event since day one. Attendees "nation
wide" is on our list of attendants as we speak. It's always been that way,
"since ImpalaFest 97" If you wanna include Impalalalooza in 96, cool. If
not, that's fine, too.

>>>>Neither was on the scope of Dreamapalooza, neither had/has the number
of events (show/racing)

Cars shows and racing ALWAYS been included in ImpalaFest. A GOOD car show with tough but
fair competition, and hard nose racing has ALWAYS been the heart of a solid national event. ImpalaFest always did it and did it WELL since 97. Not just cars from Texas. But several cars from coast to coast.

>>>>neither has/had the number of seminars (tech and otherwise),

"If it can be done" tech seminars are a GREAT addition to a national event. ImpalaFest simply stopped doing them because they were poorly attended and ImpalaFest attendees only saw them as a filler, for times when something exciting wasn't going on.

>>>>neither had/has the number of attendees,

ImpalaFest ALWAYS had a large number of attendees "nation wide", with over 200+ paid participants for each of the last three years (and uncounted free spectators). Since "ImpalaFest 98", this national event ALWAYS draw over 100 cars for hard nose drag racing. The ImpalaFest 99 Autocross drew over
70 cars. So, if numbers matter, ImpalaFest been in there. <time out> REMEMBER, this is not a ImpalaFest horn tooting post! I just have to back up what I'm saying, on why it IS a national event. No matter what I say.
the numbers, activities, and history speaks alone.

>>>>neither was/is as long, etc.

What makes a GOOD national event is not how long the show is, but the "quality" of a show. Will ImpalaFest ever extend the days of stay and activities? I don't know. But until HOSS vote me out for being the event coordinator, I'm gonna do what needs to be done and cut what needs to be cut, to keep the cost down, so everybody can afford it.
ImpalaFest as a whole wanna continue to keep *A* national event alive to where the registration fee to attend all the activities are CHEAP and affordable for the whole family. Add days, it's gonna get expensive for that family. The hard corps
Impala heads like myself is gonna come regardless. But ImpalaFest would LIKE
to keep THIS national event compact and affordable. So far so good. GOOD show, GOOD racing, GOOD autocrossing, and the additional stuff<goody bags and shirt> all for $50 dollars. And ImpalaFest is trying like crazy, to keep it that way. And it sure isn't easy<laugh>

>>>I consider both RODarama and Impalafest to be excellent REGIONAL events this year.

I hope I made this as clear as I could to all of the readers out there. ImpalaFest has been a national event since day one. Folks attend this event, nation wide.

>>>Namely, ROD having mostly a CA/West Coast Focus and Impalafest having mostly a Texas focus. Count the license plates at the events and see where MOST of them are from (CA for RODarama, TX for Impalafest....easy majority in both cases). This isn't a bad thing (heck, the more Impala shows the
better!), but it IS reality!

ImpalaFest will always be invaded by it's own Texans. Texas is a HUGE state. But show/race winning cars from the other states are always here at ImpalaFest. And some
of them always walk away victorious! We got registrants from 17 other states as we speak.

I really hate writing a note like this, because somebody is gonna take it the wrong way. I'm not trying to step on any toes. But ImpalaFest being called a regional event by one of the most powerful voices in Impala World, I had to come out and correct that. Not for me,HOSS, or anybody, but for ImpalaFest as a show. So, if one choose to label Impala shows, ImpalaFest has been in the "label mix" of being a "national event" for the past 4 years. And REMEMBER,
this is no slam toward any event. I support and attend other national events all year long! I just wanna clarify to my best ability, that ImpalaFest was, is, and will continue to be a national event, until attendees "nation wide" stop attending.
And also REMEMBER, this is no slam toward my bud, Ed. Ed and I talked about this "event" situation over the phone, before I thought about sending
out this LONG note<LOL>

National Event? Regional Event? Yo Mama's Event?
Support ImpalaFest!
Support Impalapaouis 2!
Support HerdFest!
Support The HOTSS Cruise!
Support the other events I forgot to mention!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;neither was/is as long, etc.

What makes a GOOD national event is not how long the show is, but the "quality" of a show.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


These national shows should be weekend events, not 4 day long mid week things. I don't mean to bag on Dreamapalooza, but 4 days for 4 separate events? C'mon... that's rediculous. I like cars (and Impalas), but there aren't enough of them to grant 4 days of single day activities. I mean the "Back to the 50's" street rod show in Minneapolis lasts 3-4 days with nearly 10k cars. Even it pushes the "weekend" limit.

Planners of the national events should focus on quality "entertainment" that will satisfy ALL the attendees. Not everyone wants/or is interested in everything. Some folks may be interested in the car show and drag racing, but don't give a hoot about the autocross and road course, and vice-versa. You shouldn't let those folks have a reason to leave the event after the show and skip the drags, just cuz they aren't interested in the other stuff. Plan it so people can do what they wish, when they wish. Make it a Fri-Sun event where people can easily go from one thing to another w/o having to sit around for 2 days.

I know you "hard core" Impala guys are thinking, "What an idiot. He doesn't have a clue." But it's true, I fall into the catagory above, and I'm a "hard core" B-Bodier (see the sig if you don't believe).

Well enough of my rambling... back to Adrian's soap box.
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Thumbs up

What took you guys so long [img]tongue.gif[/img]
I was begining to think I was the only one who felt that way.
These things need to be opened up for views and opinions. Don't be shy folks
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Well said Adrian!

And I would like to add that I really appreciate all the hard work and effort that my fellow HOSS members put into this event. I wish I could help more, but living 120 miles from DFW prevents that in most occasions. Your Dedication is noticed!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by fastfred:
These things need to be opened up for views and opinions. Don't be shy folks <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I used to think Homecoming to Arlington was the ONLY national event! I guess I'd rather have too many to choose from than too few, could not afford go to Dream-A-Palooza and the Brickyard 400 in the same month, so I went to Indy, maybe next year I will go to Michigan and watch the Cup race there too.

The long haul to Texas would be great, but if I had to do it once I'd go for the 10th anniversary of the 94's in 2004.

How about the future, if each ISSCA region had an annual national event would that be good or bad? Does there have to be only one? Two? Three? If the sticking point is MONEY, which seems to be the unspoken undercurrent to so many member vs. member vs. club vs. club vs. national org., etc... problems in Impala-Land, then folks need to be assured their dues money is not squandered to prop up an event folks do not go to in large numbers or even enjoy much, just to help the local club or the ego of their leadership because "we always did it this way since before you owned an Impala blah, blah..." Traditions are great things, but so are NEW traditions. (note- I am not referring to any actual Impala event, but a traditional hot rod event for pre-72 cars that lost its focus and alienated its intended audience)

The mechanism for gaining any advantage through the ISSCA system (in process and always evolving) may need tweaking. But what criteria is set-up for gauging what event is in what category, and all the other details can drive folks nutty if they have anything else in mind other than the benefit of the membership as a whole. Now who defines exactly what THAT is had better be ready for an earful! Grinding axes of the past is in the long run counterproductive and undignified, alienating your potential audience? Symbolic slights of the past grow in importance until that is all one can remember...

Local clubs stepping up to the plate to try to put on a "national" event in an already stretched car show schedule should be encouraged by ISSCA, the Impala and B-body owners will vote for the events with their wallets, then we will see.

my .02 cents and then some...
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I have to agree with Adrian. ImpalaFest is one of the first gatherings of these cars. It's central location (east to west wise) makes it a good bet that a lot of out of staters will show. Reno Rodorama (no offense) is really a west coast show. Its kinda hard for someone from Maryland to take the time off to cruise all the way to Reno, take part in the event, then cruise home. Both Dreamapalooza and Impalafest are centrally located with respect to the coasts and makes it easier for people to attend.
As far as doing the event in the middle of the week, It has pros and cons. Pro is you can take one week off from work, use the weekends for travel to and from the event, and only get charged 5 days vacation time from work. Unfortunately for me, the Navy don't work that way. I would get charged for the 4 days on the weekends as well, which is one of the cons. I will do Reno next year cause it's fairly close, and I take 5 days off (drive up Thursday, come home Monday). I will also attend ImpalaFest next year(I already burned up my leave time this year for the sucky Texas Heat Wave). I will do Impalafest in conjunction with visiting my Brother in Houston, so it's convienient for me. If the Event in St. Louis next summer is over a weekend, I might even be able to pull that off as well. If it's during the week, I will have to pass. I agree that 4 days is too much, a 3 day format seems to work well.
As far as National vs. Regional, if the show is located in a spot that it would be reasonable for folks from both coasts to attend, then call it national and if it's on a coast, call it regional. Just my thoughts.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> ImpalaFest was, is, and will continue to be a national event, until attendees "nation wide" stop attending.


National Event? Regional Event? Yo Mama's Event?
Support ImpalaFest!
Support Impalapaouis 2!
Support HerdFest!
Support The HOTSS Cruise!
Support the other events I forgot to mention!
Adrian Madkin

I'm with you on this one Big A. ImpalaFest IS a national event. Do the words "Homecoming" mean anything to all you Impala owners out there??? That's right, all your Impalas were made right there in Arlington, in the good 'ol United State of Texas. That's one reason it will continue to draw a national crowd.

The other BIG reason it will continue to draw a national crowd is that the HOSS folks put on a Kick-A$$ Show! Thanks to all the HOSS members who put in the long hours and hard work to make ImpalaFest happen each year!

As for the HOTSS CruiSSe being mentioned in the same thread as ImpalaFest, HerdFest, etc. We don't want to put on a "National" event! Too much damn work!!!
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Glad to see Impalafest getting the recognition it deserves, give that man a cigar! [img]smile.gif[/img] It's always been a national show in my book, always has been, always will be. I like the homecommings, & have been attending since 1996, every year, with the exception of 2000 (F1 race same weekend) .

A big thanks to Adrian, & all the HOSS crowd that always does so well, & make the shows so fun.

Also, thanks for not scheduling the show on the same weekend as the F1 race, this year I get to do both!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by 408pacecar:

Also, thanks for not scheduling the show on the same weekend as the F1 race, this year I get to do both!

Hmm, same dates as last year, right?

Last year I went to my first two SS events ever (aside from one meeting of KCISS with about 5 cars at Hooters). St. Louis just blew my mind, cause I'd never seen so many SS's at all, much less in one place. Plus it's nice and close to Kansas City. On the downside, I got extra crispy fried and was in lots of pain, and slept through most of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. But I did get to meet Peter Fyler, a bunch of GRAIL guys whose names I can't think of, Ron Muse, asked Harvey TONS of questions about Purpala, talked to Brian Winkler, Larry Hall (I *think*.. his whole family was out cleaning the SS), and I saw Ray Campbell and (I *think*) Dal! As soon as I got home from STL, I registered for IF2000.

We got to Texas late Friday night, and had all day Saturday and a good part of Sunday to enjoy ourselves. At IF2000 was where I made an effort to meet more people than I did at I2K -- that's the whole point, right? Met Dave Jackson, who had just been getting a hard time for the wheels on his car [img]tongue.gif[/img], Howard Rothstein, Cheston (AdioSS, right?), Alex Melero and his wife, actually TALKED to Ray this time , and so many other people whose names I can't remember, like the cool guy from Indy I talked to at the track (Unie Campbell?).

Since I'd just had a huge fill of B-bodys about 3 months before, IF2000 was more about the people for me. Since it's been a year this time (couldn't make it to Michigan ), it'll be even better for me, cause I'll be dying to see all the new cars, and new mods, and meet even more people, and see the ones I met last year!

I guess my point is that I'm not really concerned whetether or not it's a national event, but I would consider it to be one. "Homecoming" says it all, as far as I'm concerned. While my friend Eddie and I are the only ones from Kansas City registered (since I last checked, anyway), I know many people are coming from other states to come to what I'm sure has been a great show going into its 5th year! I can't wait!
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"HOMECOMING" says it all. The Purpala goes to Arlington like a homing pigeon every year, where it first took flight as a BBB. Then it came back as, well you know, for it's first coming out '98.

Thanks, for having a place to come home to.
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