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Hey Car Showers
I'm posting this to the Forum as I answered several Questions and Concerns from Fred and it also pertains to Some Other's Questions from You'll.
Yes...Moose is the one that suggested that All Impala's be classed together. I like the idea to a certain extent, BUT, I ALSO Agree W/You !! The Impala's NEED to be broken down into Classes. !! I like the way they are now and have been, and Do like the Mileage Classes he suggested. This is the way I believe they will wind up being !?!? I Personally would like to see an even Less Spread for those Under 100K miles, but then again when you get to the 100K mile point, What do ya do, that needs to be Another Class. SSee, Another Class would have to be formed. SSo, I guess the Under/Over 50K Miles Classes will be a compromise to be able to have a 100K+ Mile Class, and Yes, a Wagon Class will be coming. Even though I have 114K+ miles on MY Impala, I Don't Mind Competiting against any Lower mileage class vehicle. Thats Just Me Though !! LOL-LOL
Well, believe it on not, I've been keeping an eye on past Shows and You Are correct about geographical areas !! But, then again as in Past Years, the`96's are STILL Dominating all the Years and Classes !?!? I Can't tell or give ya a reason for this either, thats just been the past history since Bowling Green !! But, as you said, Arlington Usually has more`95's, but look at last year, the`96's were right in there too. I guess the`94's are all gone, or in Storage Somewhere !?!? LOL-LOL The ones that Do Show usually have 100K+ miles on them !! Man, I Don't Know What to Say or Do about it either. You Can't Predict What Year or Classes will show up, as they change w/every show and geographical location !! But, I Do know the`96 Clan Does Always Show up in Force no matter Where !! LOL-LOL I DON'T Like the Idea of Limiting the Number of Entrants to a Show or Class either !! I think that would Hurt any Show that does this !! I like the idea of a pre-registration deadline, BUT, Then again, Your Eliminating the Last Minute of Late Entrant Vehicles that Have Made the Effort to get there. This is a catch 22 situation though. Sometimes they Could be the difference between Making or Breaking a Show too !?!? My answer to this is, Let them Show, BUT, IF Their Class has already Started being Judged, then they will Not be Judged or Be Eligible for Awards. I guess this is the Best Way to handle Late Entrants for Car Showing !?!? Show Up on Time...or Ya Don't Get Judged !! IF Anyone has a better Solution, or Idea, LMK !!
On the AWARDS...Man, I Agree Totally W/You !! If Only 1 vehicle shows up in a Class and they have made the Trip to a National Event or Show, No Matter How Far They Drove or Trailered, At Least They Did Show Up !! [img]smile.gif[/img] I Think They Should be Rewarded w/a Award for putting the Time, Effort, and Expence In for Showing Up !! They Shouldn't be Penalized just because they were the Only 1 in Their Class, They Have No Control over this and I don't think it's fair that they Don't get anything !! The amount of vehicles show up in Their Class is totally Out of Their Control !! They Enter the Show just like You or I Do, and Expect More than Yourself to show up. I Welcome the Compitition, it just makes ME work that much harder, as Anyone that Really Care's about Showing !! I want My Impala in the Very Best Show Condition as Possible !! [img]smile.gif[/img] I know Some Don't Think this way, But I Do !! I'm also W/You here !! What is a $10.00 Trophy !?!? Is it worth Someone getting piSSed off and Bad Mouthing Your Event or ISSCA !?!? Not To ME !! I know that the Combining of Classes at St.Louis was a 1st. and Some Well Deserving Vehicles, Didn't Get Anything for their Time,Effort, or Expence to Get There. I'm Truely SORRY for this and Hopefully this Won't Ever Happen Again !! I Hope this Can Be Changed and With Your Help (Voicing ISSCA Members) this Will Change. This was done to reduce the High Cost of Awards, Not to Screw ANYONE outta an Award !! Again ISSCA Members need to Voice Their Opinion to Your REGIONAL DIRECTOR and Let Your Feelings Be Known !! Thats Why ISSCA Has Regional Directors, SSo They know What YOU Want and can relay this to the BoD's !! I Know You and Myself are Always Happy to Receive an Award !! [img]smile.gif[/img] I Was Totally Shocked Last Year at ImpalaFest when I won "Best Of Show" !! I Had NO Idea that was coming !! Truthfully, I was just Hoping to Place, since I didn't have time to really clean my Impala. I Can Feel for the B-Body Enthusiast That Puts the Time and Effort forth to enter a Show and Compete !! Those that Don't really Care and Just enter to enter, are nothing but a Waste Of the Judges Time. But at least they Did make the Effort to show up and still deserve their vehicle Judged. I have had Some this way, but, then again, They Truely Wanted To Know, What They Needed To Do to be able to Compete !! This happened 2 years ago at ImpalaFest, and Last Year, They Did make a Good Showing !! This Always makes Me Personally Feel Good !! [img]smile.gif[/img] Their comments were" Guess Next Year, I'll Have to Start cleaning earlier and Pay More Attention to Detail" !! This also happened at the HOTSS CruiSSe. A guy showed at a previous show (in San Antonio) for the 1st. time and then won 2nd. in Austin, He's Totally Hooked Now !! LOL-LOL How Can you put a Dollar Amount on Happiness or That Smile that it Brings !?!? You CAN'T !! But, That $10.00 Trophy is Priceless to Me !! [img]smile.gif[/img] And...I Totally Agree w/You Again !! IF ISSCA Wants to continue to Grow and Flourish, then ISSCA NEEDS to Look Closer at What is going on in the Car Show Events. This Event Alone Brings More Vehicles into a Show than any other Event !! Sure, there are alot that enjoy AutoXing, Drag Racing or Road Course Racing (me included), but Look at the contestants in Each of those Events Compaired to the Car Show Event...No Comparison !! The Car Show Events ALWAYS Bring out More Competition. Don't get me wrong here...I Enjoy All the Events and Someday Will finally get to AutoX my Impala !! LOL-LOL But, Until the Another Event Overtakes the Car Show, I Personally Think The Awards Should Be There !! More Participation, More Awards !! This IS MY OPINION for whats it's worth. Yes, I Agree, the More People that Are Happy after Any Event Will Always Bring Them Back Again and That Event Will Continue to Grow, Year After Year !! This is what helps to keep up the Interest and Enthusiasm going for Our BELOVED BEAST !!
I Hope that I have pretty much covered everything here and I hope this answers Your Questions. Thanks Again for Your Time and I Will Always TRY to Answer All Your Questions to the Best of My Ability.
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Ok, I read about 1/4th... gotta give my eyes a rest from a solid block of text

BTW, I be representin all my 94 brothers... they are few and far between, and finding them in good condition is a biatch.
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Thumbs up


I've read it all and totally agree with everything you've said. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I emailed my ISSCA Regional Director a couple of days ago and let him know how I feel. As stated before, I don't see the classes or even the mileage classes as being bad, I think people are more upset about the combining of classes and not rewarding classes that have less than 3 participants.

And as you have said, if they have problems, comments, or suggestions let YOUR REGIONAL DIRECTOR KNOW!!!

As always thanks for all you do for ISSCA and the tremendous amount of time you put into making our hobby as fair as possible.
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Amen from this corner for Larry! Moose and I talked at length about his suggestion, and it is workable....but as Larry has stated, the cost of a ten buck => trophy can't really be THAT big an issue. Especially when consideration is given that someone has paid almost a hundred bucks just to participate in a show.

Please tell me what other sport or game is cancelled if only one team/player shows up? Nope, they call that a forfeit, and a winner is declared. We should expect the same....
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