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96 Black
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So, what traumatic or erotic event or base need triggered your initial attraction to a FWD?

If you've heard my story before, well tough tookies -- you're gonna hear it again. [img]graemlins/.gif[/img] For some useless fluff I'll even treat y'all to some background for the year leading up to "The Discovery":

It's 1999, and I had given away my Dk. Gray-Grn '84 Riv driver to my niece the year before since I would be on an overseas project for a year. So when I get back I made sure my next job here had a company car just to preserve my Imp. For the record I picked a Concorde with the middle size engine. It was ok I guess, plenty quiet & a cute dash but boring to drive. But I digress.

Anyway, I didn't like that job so after a couple years I snag a contract gig in Dayton. It's a 5-hour weekly commute each way in the Gizm we had picked up after my daughter had totaled the pink '83 Riv that replaced the '83 Grand Marquis she also totaled. But I digress.

Anyway again, I'm getting VERY tired of that little red spud, but can't for the life of me decide what I'm gonna grab as a big full-frame V8 cheap used driver. The field of choices was very limited at that time:
- A TownCar - meh, toy motor, plus latest re-skin has not depreciated enough to suit me
- A Roadmaster - nice, but a little too similar to my Imp
- Another Imp - sorry, redundancy alert
- Any Chrysler - too vanilla and WWD = over it.
- I'm not a pickup truck guy, at least not a driver = Next?
- The only interesting American SUV is the re-designed Explorer = hello? Retail!! MSRP!! = against my religion.

SSSSOOOooooo, it's already 2 months getting more depressed in the spud, so one day I eyeball this white funeral coach with a sign sitting on a giant lawn in front of a funeral home and KAPOW! Am I a dumbs#!T! I had never even considered a D- body. The only thing I can figure is I had been ignoring them ever since being turned completely off by that puky TBI motor the first time I stopped to look at the re-skin at a dealer in '93.

Well, anyway again, I have wifey Fed-ex a money order and the rest is history. The white color really got on my nerves after 2 years too, so hence the current dk. gray vision.

Now my life is full as long as I think I've pissed off at least one brand-new Cady owner each day, or anyone else for that matter in any (add German or Jap make here) who takes too long figuring out what I'm driving.

Edited & smaller words used to answer Revoh's whining . . . [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Orange 01 SS
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Thumbs up

That's a really hard-to-read story, Bob. [img]graemlins/.gif[/img]

I was looking for an Impala, and this Fleetwood was sitting on the lot at the Lincoln dealership, it was nice, so I bought it.
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I found mine on Ebay. A buddy of mine was looking at an Impala, which I never cared for. But doing a search on the lt1 engine I stumbled onto the Fleetwod. I've always had caddies but never realized that the 94-96 fleetwood had the lt1. So my search began for a beater and I found one... You guys now the rest...
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I wanted a big RWD car with a V8 that was inexpensive. I really wanted an Impala, but they were too pricey. Then I was looking for a 9C1 LT1 but I couldn't find any that weren't beat to hell with a million miles on them (I also didn't know where to look for b-bodies back then).

Then one day I read an article in some magazine... I forget which one... but the article was called "Impadillac". The article was about someone who was in the same situation as me and ended up with an LT1 Fleetwood. It talked about how the Fleet had the same drivetrain and frame as the Imp and I was instantly hooked. I had always loved Caddy's but I wanted something more performace-oriented than a Deville/Seville or something similar.

I started looking for 94-96 Fleets in my area and all of them were too expensive. Then one day I was driving home from the airport and I saw one on the side of the road with a for sale sign in the window. I pulled in and called the guy to set up a test drive. 10 minutes later he shows up and we go for a cruise. He tells me it's a 94 with 80k on it. The first chance I got, I slammed the gas and was amazed at how quick the bone stock land yacht could move.

He wanted $4500 for it and that was lower than I expected. The car was totally mint inside, zero rust, a couple very small dings that you couldn't even see unless you looked real close, and that was it. Soon afterward I took home my Caddy [img]smile.gif[/img]
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OK; Iíll Play;

It all started for me in 1996 at the Super Chevy Show in Gainesville Florida .. I pull into the Cabot Lodge and see this !

WOW!! Bill Sadlerís car was the first SS Fleetwood Iíd ever seen..

Then I see this one from Bill Crovo

Again Iím like this [img]graemlins/4.gif[/img]

Then this

and then the final straw was this

So I ended up with this !!

So even thou Iíve been a part of the Impala SS community since 95; Iím new to the Fleetwood seen but loving it !!

Big thanks to all you guys that inspired me with your awesome rides !!

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Elias kept talking to me about the Fleetwoods and how he was going to buy one some day.

After listening to the extolling praises of a Cadillac addict for about two months, naturally I went out and bought one. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Orange 01 SS
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Originally posted by Caddylack:

Then one day I read an article in some magazine... I forget which one... but the article was called "Impadillac". The article was about someone who was in the same situation as me and ended up with an LT1 Fleetwood. It talked about how the Fleet had the same drivetrain and frame as the Imp and I was instantly hooked. I had always loved Caddy's but I wanted something more performace-oriented than a Deville/Seville or something similar.

Hey, I resemble that remark!

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anthem SS
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Needed a new daily driver, couldn't find any decent 9C1's at the time. Wife said "stop buying Caprices & get a nice car for yourself" . Looked at Roadmasters Then at 'Woods, found one at a dealers lot that had been sitting for about 10 months, no one wanted it, too big & "old man looking", low miles, no dents, just a little faded & dirty, Ran fantastic, struck good deal & brought her home. Friends laughed untill raced or taken for a ride, had since '02.
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My Dad is to blame. It is along drawn out story, but essentially I grew up around Cadillacs. I learned how to drive on a '70 Coupe Deville Convertible. I love sports cars as well and have had a few, but my love for speed does not combine well with the law and insurance rates. Hence, the Fleetwood was the perfect solution for me until I get the money to buy a CTS-V , then the Fleetwood will become a pure show car garage queen.
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My story is similar. My father's first Cadillac was a 1967 Sedan DeVille. I was in love. His next Caddy was a 1976 Sedan DeVille D'Ellegance. I was sixteen and laying rubber all over the city with the 500 ci. Next on the list was a 1984 Coupe DeVille with the 4.1 which was no comparison to the 500 ci.
I went through my sports car phase, but always had a love affair with Cadillacs. When I got married, my wife always thought they were for old men, seeing my father always had one, he's currently driving a 1997 Sedan DeVille.
I never had a thing for the 93-94 Fleetwoods cause they resembled the Roadmaster or Impala, they weren't distinct enough.
I started by hunting for a 1990-1992 Brougham because it was the last of the original style. My wife finally accepted that it was going to happen.
Then started researching the 93-96 fleetwoods and liked what I read. So the search began.
I know I stated in past forums, but it had to be a 96 with moon roof. I found mine in NH and after 2 weeks of going back and forth with dealer and looking at more and more photos I flew down. It was a difficult decision as I have never purchased a car over the phone, site unseen, except for photos. When I arrived at the dealership, it was a little ruffer than I expected but saw the potenial. Drove her home and the work started. Mostly cosmetic but had some front end suspension work to deal with.
She now sits in the driveway waiting for spring. I wipe the snow off her daily and start her regularly.
Till spring, cant wait.
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