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Iíve been working on cars for 30 years now but this is my first TBI car .. I had Carburetor car right up till I got my Impala .. So Iíve never dealt with a TBI problem .. so hereís what happened .. Bill Crovo comes in town .. Strike 1 [img]tongue.gif[/img] .. we meet for dinner and he wants to see the Fleetwood so I gas her up and run her through a touch free car wash because I was working on Chillyís (Dan) car all day and ran out of time .. so we (Chilly and my wife and I) meet Bill and his FaÔence for dinner and afterwards we go out side to check out the rides .. show him the HIDís and all and then itís time to go and the car wont run  Starts but shuts off instantly .. we looked at it for about an hour Ö if I unplug the temp sender it runs poorly .. but runs .. so it got me home .. Over the next few weeks Iím running test .. scan tool shows a lean condition so maybe bad 02 . so I change it .. nope .. no visible problems anywhere; The car wash I ran through sprayed up under the car, so I thought maybe the spray knocked a wire off.. nope everything looks good ..So I change the fuel filter . still no change so next I check fuel pressure .. 7 PSI so Iím thinking since the car runs .. Iím thinking itís a bad fuel regulator .. I go talk to my friend that owns the garage I work at part time and ask him what he thinks.. he shoots down my regulator theory because heís been a GM mechanic for 40 years and says heís never seen one of these regulators fail .. he says it the hose in my tank ; probably has a split in the hose .. ok .. I pull the tank and check the hose .. nope .. not split .. so he says must be the fuel pump .. Iíve never seen a electric fuel pump work at low pressure before; either it works or doesnít .. but heís the boss so I put a new pump in .. nope .. still 7 PSI so guess what it was Ö the regulator .. lol Iíve never had one of these apart before so Iím learning as I go. I pull it all apart and find a lot of dirt inside .. (must have had a crappy fuel filter one it before) so I clean it all up adjust the regulator up a little and put it back together .. BINGO .. all fixed .. FSM say target fuel pressure is 9-13 PSI .. Iím running 13 PSI n the dot .. car runs better then ever and the O2 is osculating like itís suppose to.
So I learned all about these TBI systems and how they work .. got my car running right again .. so I love my Fleetwood again .. I was pretty pissed at it for a while .. LOL .. I missed driving it .. so Life is good again ..

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Glad you got it fixed, even if it had to be via the long way around. We've had the least trouble with our 2 TBI L05's so far--though my LT1 has also been pretty great--but they are a little different, true.

You know something funny about this? This morning I went to get in my '95 and head to the store--almost dead as a door nail and wouldn't turn over. My dad unlocks the '93 sitting one car over in the driveway after we push mine around, and guess what--it's dead too! Kinda aggravating, but it was also pretty funny to have both Cadillacs dead in the same way, a.k.a, the "Cadillac graveyard" as my father called it. THANKFULLY, my brother's '86 Regal was parked in between and actually started right up, then had the juice to jump both Caddy's. A Buick to the rescue again (this wasn't the first time because of Caddy issues), then all was well--even though this was purely battery issues.
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Hahahah caddyguy-, and we think Twindaddy was joking when he claimed they talk to each other and conspire together each night .. .

Thanks for the line-out XXL-. Always good to learn about yet one more bug ---- along with what it took to kill it. It sounds like my 'free' lesson only set you back about $450! Hope I can repay the favor someday.
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Good work Kenny. Glad everything is back up to par.

I never had any ounce of trouble with my previous TBI powered Fleetwood.. but then again they were bone stock.
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I had issues once with the TBI in my 85. I went nuts trying to figure it out. I kept getting a mab sensor vode and couldn't figure it out. I change the vacuums Ohmed out the wiring, replace the MAP and BARO sensors exchanged the ecm with a known working one. replaced the tbi gasket. But. nothing worked and the car was getting progressively worse. It turned out to be Carbon build up in the TBI vacuum passages hardly any vacuum was getting through And what ever did get get through would show vacuum to the map sensor at all times. Once we cleaned all the passages the car never ran so good. even with the dead ass 4.1 litre... The little things that you overlook will always get ya!!!
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Yeah TBI are teh super easy to fix! Low fuel pressures and you can SEE the damn spray pattern LOL how much better can it get. I love changing them things!!!

BTW we got rustys car all fixed up. Had a blown head gasket on #5.the reason the 02 wensors were acting screy on your scanner was because the antisqueeze was killing them

Good find on the regulator.
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