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I haven't driven the Fleetwood daily in over 1 month.

After I got the new waterpump in and fixed a few electrical issues last week, I have been driving it every day. I forgot how much attention these cars bring!!

1) Gas station: A gentleman in a new Suburban came up to me and asked me what I lowered my car with because he has a '95 Fleetwood with 60K original miles and he wanted to get rid of the soft ride...

2) Advanced Auto Parts: There was an employee changing the battery on a car and he stopped me and asked if he could take a look at the Fleetwood when I came back outside. 15 minutes later, there he was with 3 other employees eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of the Fleetwood and to hear it start up...

3) On my way to the oceanfront with my girl, we were cruising on 264 east and a guy in a Barracuda flew by me only to slow down and give me a honk and thumbs up...

4) Coming out of the movie theatre there were three younger guys looking at the Fleetwood. I jokingly asked if they wanted to buy it as I approached the car. They laughed and said "That aint your whip." I laughed back, unlocked the car, opened the door for my girl, and left them in a trail of rubber...

5) Dropping my girlfriend off at the airport earlier today, I was walking back to the parking garage. There was an older guy just walking around the Fleetwood. He asked if it was my car and then we got to talking about cars. He then let me get a good look at his 2006 E55 AMG... boy was that car sweet.

All in all, an interesting week for me and the Fleetwood God, I love this car!
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awesome man... i can't wait to go black, i used to get that kind of reaction with my camaro.
lmao @ "that aint your whip"....
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Elias' whip looks pretty trick with those narrow spoke rims, its no wonder.

I catch alot of good looks from folk, young and old. After getting the 9C1 back to daily driving status I yearn for time in the fleet. (it's so damn comfy)

I wonder if these cars will ever catch a cult fever, sounds crazy but I'm feelin' it [img]graemlins/.gif[/img]

[ 12-19-2006, 06:42 PM: Message edited by: Eracer ]
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96 Black
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Yep, likely pick up the baton laid down 30 years earlier with the '64 suicide door Continental.

Have I told you this week (as absolutely is positively the case EVERY week out on the road) just exactly how MUCH mine pisses off / confuses / interests all the other rigs wearing the gigantic Crest 'n Wreath? I can usually calculate that particular instant when yet another one is doing its jockeying around behind or alongside me where they finally catch the "FLEETWOOD" on the door molding.

If'n any you guys can recommend anything else I might do to make mine look even more like a current skin model to erk the [email protected] outta all them leaseholders, well I'm all for it.
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I even got this overgrown Gorilla to smirk at the Fleetwood...

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i get some of the same with the green caddy, people like the color, don't see that many fleets here in va. beach
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I get people asking about the car pretty often. A guy at a gas station came up to me and said "What year is that Caddy?" I said 94, and he said, "Wow, at first glance I thought it was an old Caddy cuz it was so big... but that thing looks new... what a monster". Then we talked cars for a minute and went our seperate ways.

I was also inside a gas station paying one time when I black guy got out of a blue Acura and got in line. He goes, "Hey man, what kinda engine that Caddy got up in it?". I said LT1, and he says, "Damn man, that's that Corvette engine. Same $hit they got up in that Buick and the Impala." I said yep, and he goes, "THat's some real $hit, man". Then he started asking me about what I had done to it and all that.

I love meeting people who know about Fleetwoods... most people think they are just another DeVille or something.
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I get random attention at times with mine, and yesterday was fairly good for it, all on the highway.

1) Yesterday when I stopped at a rest stop on my way home and when I came out, two workers who were powerwashing the sidewalk had stopped and were both pointing at my car and having a discussion about it (all I heard was something along the lines of "What is it? Are you sure? What about those wheels...").

2) Before that, on the PA/DE border flying down I-95, I had just gotten on the on ramp and noticed a brand new Town Car behind me. Nothing unusual, except for the fact that every time I'd floor it or change lanes, so did he in odd ways, trying to catch up to me. Did once, and I got a nice smile.

3) A bit further down in DE, on I-95 still, I caught a glimpse of a dark cherry FWB ahead and, being how rarely that happens, sped up so we could see each other. It was a younger lady and, I think her daughter, and after separating, they passed me by later and the little girl waved.

Lots of other little things, too, but not too often (at least when I'm actually there) do I get direct parking lot comments. Except...

3) The BEST was this summer when I went to the dealer to take out a new Buick Lucerne, and when I got back, it wasn't so much about how I liked the car but instead being barraged by comments about my car. This was, apparently, after my salesmen said he and everyone else who was there had gone out and gathered around my car to admire it, since most had never seen one, and YET AGAIN, I got the "What kind of wheels are those?"

4) The most general, at least around home? A carload of older people in their Deville/LeSabre/etc. who see my car in passing, and proceed to point and say things about it...mainly, once they see the door Fleetwood badge (like someone else mentioned).

Originally posted by Caddylack:
I love meeting people who know about Fleetwoods... most people think they are just another DeVille or something.
So do I! And for whatever reason, it's usually the people at gas stations along side me who take notice of that fact--AND, at least for me, it's ALWAYS older women!

Color-wise, mine is very middle of the road, but all black and lowered a bit with exhaust and those gorgeous wheels, I can only imagine the looks you get Elias
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Year me 2 i love that feeling
imagine i have the only 91-96 fleetwood i the whole country
were im from (Denmark)

People allways ask me qustions about my car
like what year is that . and year they dont make them like that anymore
a old man like 80 years walk up 2 me he had a 66
fleet .we talk about caddy's 30 minutes

i just loove my fleet
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I live in snobland. The Fleetwoods get almost no attention around here anymore.
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