My Mint Condish FWB just got DESTROYED in terrible accident. - Chevy Impala SS Forum
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This is my car after!!!!! RUINED!!!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!

soo... basically.. i was approaching an intersection and the light was green. the light turned red so i came to a full and complete stop. once the light turned green i proceeded into the intersection. turns out a car comming perpendicular to me on the left side was running their red light (real real late too) and slammed into the front end of my car spinning it and sending their car out of control and comming to a stop over 200 meteres away! on the police report the estimated speed for the other car was stated at 600 km's per hour.. an obvious exxegeration but never the less an indication of the excessive speed they were travelling.. luckily nobody in my car was harmed, except for my friend in the passenger side who was basically knocked out by the airbag.. My car is ****ed though because of someone elses complete stupidity and lack of consideration!!!! insurance is giving me the royal srew around and its now 24 hrs later and i still do not have a rental car. also an adjuster has not given us the word on whether or not it is written off for sure yet.. let me know what you guys think. i'm 100% sure its toast! actually.. it would never be the same anyways so i'm hoping they just pay me!!! too bad i got it for a steal so i know i'm gonna get screwed even further in the end... this was one of the last absolutly mint ones left.. they are hard to come by. 100,400 original miles and interior and exterior was flawless. she was a 96 and will be missed dearly....

i can't even tell you all to be carefull.. because like many of you.. i was.. all the time.. this was absolutly unavoidable in every single way.. all the officers on site kept saying if we were 4 feet forward we would all be dead.. this **** can happen out of nowhere and turn your life upside down... all in the blink of an eye.. man am i pissed about the car!!! hahahaha.. ohh well.. i've managed to already find another burgundy one.. which has the same km's and sounds like its in even better condition then mine. (my rear right window wouldn't go down.. hahahaha. maybe i'll get one thats perfect.
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Well thank god your ok sorry about your friend. you can always get another car but at least you walked away from that one
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Sorry about your luck with the car, but main thing is nobody really got hurt or worse killed. By the looks of it, it sure was one hell of an impact.
I am in the insurance industry and if you are not at fault in the accident, you automatically get a rental. Again, by the looks of it the car will be a write off. When a car is written off, the insurance company technically only has to pay for the rental car till they make you an offer on the pay out. They usually give you a few extra days. What company are you insured with? That sometimes makes a difference.
Provide the adjuster with some prices from autotrader or ebay and they may base payout on those stats, but usually they pay out based on year, make, model, mileage, general condition etc.
Good luck.
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Damn thats rough man. that FWB was buitifull.

Thats why I always check for people running red-lights when I go through intersections. Happens more than you might think.
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very less FWB to drive this earth

My grandparents had a smiler thing happen to them, they where coming though an intersection after being stopped by the light, they didn't see the Honda civic hatch coming though the intersection at an estimated speed of 70mph, there brand new 1994 Deville (4 weeks old) was spun 180 and into a traffic sign and the front of the car was almost ripped off, my grandparents where not hurt, but the Civic driver was in a comma for several weeks and needed therapy to walk again.

you and your friend where lucky,

Was the windshield popped out by the air bag?

anyway hope you get put into another fleetwood
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If you dont get the money you want for the car, get a lawyer.

I feel your pain too, I wrecked my 94 Fleetwood a couple years back, unfortunately it was my fault and I didnt have collision!

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Damn man... That sucks.

Glad you and your passengers are ok though. She did her job and saved your life.

Time to find another one! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glad to hear the serious injuries were minimized. That's one of the reasons so many of us like these big cars.

Friends, please add to your driving habits a quick check when the green light comes on--especially when you're first in line. Look left, look right, then look left BEFORE entering the intersection. Years ago I was second in line at a red light. The small car in front of me left on the green light and was hit broadside by a truck. Made a big impression on me. In the years since, this habit of checking has only saved me once, about three years ago, but that was enough to make it worthwhile. I drilled this into my kids when they started driving.

Be safe.
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OUCH... looks like a familar site to me tho... But I was 100% at fault! I agree that I purposly sit at the light after it turns green... I see way to many cars run lights... Sad, sad, sad day in the Caddy camp. But it was a soldier whilling to take a hit for the team. Your team! Once again, very glad to hear you made it out ok... My girl friend got a black eye from the airbag.

And yes, the air bag destroys the windsheild on these.

Pretty sure it's gonna be a total loss. I garentee the frame is bent on that.

RIP ol Fleetwood. [img]graemlins/0.gif[/img]
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thanks for all the good wishes and whanot! [img]smile.gif[/img]

i most definatly agree that i am lucky to still be here thanks to my big ol boat.

as for the intersection scanning.. there was a car to the left of me waiting to go aswell which totally obstructed my view. i was in the center lane of a one way street with 3 lanes. once green we both started moving (him first) but i guesss the nose of my car must have entered the second lane of the intersection just before his which is where i got hit.. the car to the left of me said he slammed on the breaks and just narrowly got missed.. my car however was not so lucky, that extra 3 feet on the front was all it took and all i saw was some lights moving way too fast and way too close then BOOM!!!! CHAOS! ... i would have had to stop at that green and wait till the van beside me to the left was in front before i could have scanned myself.. this one was just plain bad luck. maybe i will be using other cars as a shield from now on.. or waiting till i'm 100% sure the way is clear.. bahhh... its all just statistics i suppose.. sure wish i could have my car back... i was stuck drivnig around a murano all night.. YAY.....
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