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Any Air-Conditioner Improvement Mods?

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Are there any Air Conditioner Improvement Mods?

Just got my AC competely charged.
Works OK except in the Hot Sun.
Then takes a while to cool down.
Not very well at Idle.

My Dad's 94 Roadmaster seems to be cooler and quicker.

Was wondering if there were any tricks to improve AC performance?
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can anyone show me where is the orifice tube located any pics newbeecwm3
Lower pipe near the battery. I pulled it out slightly in the picture, it's normally all the way in the pipe. Need needle nose pliers to get it out.


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+1 on that. This is what mine looked like, about 25% of the surface was no longer letting air through. I also don't like the idea of breathing in air that's been through that compost heap.


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