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Any Air-Conditioner Improvement Mods?

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Are there any Air Conditioner Improvement Mods?

Just got my AC competely charged.
Works OK except in the Hot Sun.
Then takes a while to cool down.
Not very well at Idle.

My Dad's 94 Roadmaster seems to be cooler and quicker.

Was wondering if there were any tricks to improve AC performance?
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This thread has been a life saver! Thank you all for your valuable input! I finished my putting my AC system together today. I've never done any kind of AC work short of buying a can with the hose and filling the system. I replaced the compressor(it seized), accumulator, orifice, and o-rings. I also flushed the whole system and vacuumed it with a vacuum pump and manifold gauges from HF as per recommended in this thread. I'm glad I went the route of buying my own AC tools since now I can do this on any car and save hundreds by not taking it to a shop to do something that was so easy to do. Took the car out for a drive and the AC vent temp dropped to 36 degrees!! I'm good with that!
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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