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Any Air-Conditioner Improvement Mods?

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Are there any Air Conditioner Improvement Mods?

Just got my AC competely charged.
Works OK except in the Hot Sun.
Then takes a while to cool down.
Not very well at Idle.

My Dad's 94 Roadmaster seems to be cooler and quicker.

Was wondering if there were any tricks to improve AC performance?
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evap I wasn't planning on pulling this out but, I'm glad I did it was nasty

canister, accumulator or whatever you want to call it


accumulator polished:D:D

AC lines polished

these are the infamous AC line that right on top on the control arm. They were quiet dirty but, looked fine until I did the water test. Two pin size holes the naked eye couldn't see. So went to Advance put and order in and they will be here tomorrow.
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